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mbunne 06-30-2014 10:47 AM

Voice mailbox not working
This is my first post, so thanks for reading this. I work in an office with about 20 Avaya Partner phones. One of the extension's voice mailbox is not answering when someone is transferred to that extension.

If I transfer the call to that extension using the transfer button, like I do for all of the extensions in our office, it just keeps ringing and does not go to the voice mailbox. If I use FEATURE-1-4 then it will transfer to the mailbox successfully.

Can anyone explain why it will not go to the voice mailbox when I use the transfer button. It works fine with every other extension in the office.

Thank you!

thiel2 06-30-2014 09:28 PM

You gotta tell the phone system that there is a mailbox on the voicemail system, so the call will cover there when it is not answered. It's really simple - go to Ext. 10, press Feature and dial 00, press the Left Hand Intercom button Twice. Dial #310, dial the extension number in question, and then press 1. On the display you will see Automatic VMS Cover, the extension number, and "Assigned". Press Feature and dial 00 again to exit.

ahinge 07-01-2014 08:25 AM


Can you check if proper coverage path is defined for the extension you are calling.

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