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dbalak 01-11-2015 12:31 PM

Avaya ERS 3500 VLAN
I have a Avaya ERS 3500 switch with data VLAN 100 and VOICE VLAN 200.I have configured Port 1 with VLAN 200(untagPVIDonly) connected to Avaya PBX and Port 2 VLAN 100(untagPVIDonly) connected to Watchguard firewall. Rest all the ports are configured for both VLAN(100,200) default VLAN 100(untagPVIDonly).In my scenario cables are connected to IP phones and phones to PC. The phones are getting DHCP from Avaya and computers from watchguard firewall.

I want to connect a normal 8 port unmanaged switch to one of the ports to connect computers. I configured Port 24 with VLAN 100 as access port. When I connect a PC to that port I am getting dhcp from firewall but when I connect the cable to 8 port switch and connecting my computer on to that switch I am not getting dhcp from firewall.

When I configure port 24 as VLAN(100,200) default VLAN 100(untagPVIDonly) and connecting cable to phone and from phone to this normal 8 port switch I am getting dhcp from firewall.

I am configuring this Avaya switch for first time, so please help me to configure one of the port to directly connect to 8 port unmanaged switch and get dhcp from firewall to computers.



mileswdavis 03-03-2015 01:14 PM

Hey Dinakar,

Can you post the different configurations you are using? Also, what kind of 8-port switch are you using?

ceped2 06-17-2015 02:26 PM

By configuring the 24 port as access just with VLAN 100 and connecting this to the 8 port should work.

Run "show vlan interface info" and make sure you have something like this
Port Frames Frames PVID PRI Tagging Name
---- -------- ------------ ---- --- ------------- ----------------
24 No Yes 100 0 UntagAll Port 24

If that doesnt work, tag the port tagPVIDonly

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