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tplani 10-28-2010 12:49 AM

I can't add a SIP Domain in SystemManager

I have a new installation of a SystemManager 6 and a SessionManager 6 ,both systems are synchroniced ,but if i want add a Routing/Domain i get the error

Some internal error has occurred in the service. Please contact support team.


ahmed1 11-02-2010 05:02 AM

internal error has occurred in the service
Looking at the description of the issue, its not clear, as to what could be the issue. I think there could be a data curruption in your System Manager Postgresql database.
Can you do the following to check if the issue gets resolved:

1. Restart your Postgresql database service by running the following command on your System Manager VM:

#service postgresql stop
#serivce postgresql start

Wait for 2-3 mins before accessing the System Manager admin page and checking the issue.

2. If the above step does not resolve the issue, run the following command on System manager:

3. Once the above step completes, restart your System Manager Server completely doing a graceful reboot and NOT a hard reboot of the server ( Since this is a new install, it should not be service effecting)

4. If the issue still does not resolve, then I would suggest that you either create an online Service Request at http://support.avaya.com/ >> "Create Service Request", or call into the support center to ask this technical question.

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