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terre1 09-24-2012 08:33 AM

Database Queries
I am new to Avaya, but not to databases. I need to write some queries for the Avaya Contact Center Performance Management Database. I have no access to the Avaya front end only the database via ODBC.

There are 3 queries I have to write to get the data I need. I believe I am getting the data for the first two queries I have below correct, but am not so sure about the last one that asks for
"service desk abandoned call rate percentage for the enterprise for calls greater than eleven (11) seconds"
The only way that I can find to see how long a call was abandon is to check the Several different abddelay fields in the
dApplicationStat table. It just seems like there may be a better way or table to get this data.

Can someone look over all my queries below and make sure I am getting the data from the right tables etc?

----1. service desk average talk time (minutes) for the --enterprise

SELECT Sum (contacttalktime) as ctalktimeSeconds, Sum(callsanswered) as callsanswered,
(Sum (contacttalktime) / Sum(callsanswered)) / 60 as AverageTalkTime 
from dAgentPerformanceStat
Where timestamp >='9/01/2012' and timestamp <='9/30/2012'

-----2. Call Answer Average Time to answer average speed of answer in seconds for the enterprise
--calculated as the total delay divided by the total number of calls, including those that receive an immediate answer

SELECT  sum (callsanswereddelay) / sum (callsanswered)  as AverageSpeedAnswer
from dApplicationStat 
Where timestamp >='9/01/2012' and timestamp <='9/30/2012'

3. ------service desk abandoned call rate percentage for the
--enterprise for calls greater than eleven (11) seconds

Honestly I am not sure what to do with this one other than I believe the data
should come from the dApplicationStat table. Any suggestions?

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