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asiddi 05-28-2012 09:30 PM

Call barring in hotel
Hi All,

I have Avaya CM 6.0.1 on HP server in a hotel with Tiger TMS and Protel in front end...i want to confirm if there is any option where we can allow only local and national calls and restrict international dialing? right now, i am able to either completely bar the calls or allow all kind of calls like local, national, and international...please confirm if there is any option where we can have only local and national calls or only local calls...

second thing that i need to know is, if there are any logs on Avaya server which records the commands sent from Tiger TMS to Avaya and whether Avaya acknowledge those commands or not.....

thanks for any help..

tarek 05-29-2012 01:07 AM

The dialingrestriction is done using the controlled dialing restriction based on values sent by the Tiger TMS server. The tiger TMS can send different codes to Avaya that idetify the type of restriction and permissions to be applied to the room station number after changing the room state to occupied.

If you dont require international dialing at all times you can simply update the station COR for local and national dialing only.

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