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rime 06-17-2021 06:24 AM

ISDN PRI: "Redirecting Number" in SETUP for EC500 call
The telephone service provider has inserted an ISDN<->SIP converter between the MM710B and the public telephone network at one of our customer's sites. Since then, calls which tandem through the Avaya Media Gateway (typically EC500) have their outgoing leg disconnected by the public network. The service provider says that we should either include a calling party number from the site's DDI range or include the "Redirecting Number" IE in the outgoing Setup message. I have activated SA8052 and SA8146 but do not see the "Redirecting Number" IE. Thanks in advance for some ideas on this issue.

mlombardi1 06-17-2021 10:43 AM

Try enabling SA8983 (replace CPN when calls forwarded off-net). A new field on p2 of the ISDN trunk group will appear called "CPN to Send for Redirected Calls". When this field is set to "calling", the CPN of the originating caller is sent on forwarded/redirected calls. The customer's service provider is disallowing this. When this field is set to "redirected", the CPN of the station performing the off-net forward is sent as administered in the public numbering table. Use "redirected" in this case. The mobile device will not receive the originating CPN, but at least the call will complete.


This Special Application SA8983 modifies the calling party number for outgoing ISDN trunk calls that are the result of either call forwarding to an external number or the EC500 feature. With this feature active, the calling party number for these calls will be that of the call forwarding or EC500 station rather than that of the call originator. This feature works for both station-to-station and for incoming trunk calls to the call forwarding or EC500 station. All types of call forwarding–unconditional, busy/don’t answer, and enhanced call forwarding–are supported.

rime 06-18-2021 01:01 AM

SA8983 effect on EC500 call: it does the job!
Thanks, much appreciated! it is a partial solution but yes, the call is no longer rejected by the public telephone network. Instead of the original calling party number (which would be ideal), the DDI of the EC500 user is sent as calling party number to the mobile phone receiving the call, which normally is the EC500 user's mobile phone. The mobile phone user can guess that it must be an external call because the own DDI or the own name is displayed on the mobile phone.

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