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jbourne77 05-07-2010 10:11 AM

VoIP resource utilization info request
To start off, I am dieing to see an algorithm on VoIP resource selection. A few weeks back I read after checking your own network region first, it searches in a ascending pattern in all other network regions yours is directly connected to; but from my research and traces, I am not seeing that pattern clearly.

To really dig into what we are running into, that was a great starting point. Lets say we have three locations A-C. B is our primary site with the 87xx servers, and G650 cabinets. Site A is a G350, with IP station endpoints. Site C is a G700 with TDM digital stations.

Now with the ground work laid out, we are having a network issue with routing between sites A and C. Ignoring the obvious (fix the network routing issue), lets state that routing between the remote sites A to B is fine, and C to B is fine. To resolve the issue from a strictly Avaya perspective, one would think if you utilize a VoIP resource in Site B when calling from A to C for the duration of the call, all is merry, and through testing this is true.

How did we do this: in site A, the one with the IP stations, we segragated the IP phones and the MG in different IP network regions. By doing this, we put direct WAN to our primary site B in the NR with the IP stations, so when selecting dial tone, it pulls a resource from B, not it MG, and with shuffling off, this resource stays up throughout the call.

Since site C is TDM, and we cannot segragate the stations and the MG, the problem now resides I can only get a VoIP resourse in site B to engage in the call routing when A calls C, and not when C calls A. Shuffling is turned off on all three site network regions, and stations, and site B in an intervening region between the two.

Any clues on how to get a VoIP resource in site B engaged when dialing from the TDM phone in site C, to the IP phone in site A?

kantr 05-11-2010 02:25 AM

Thanks for your query, Mr Bourne.

You hold a valid query, however, a clear answer could be provided upon looking at the n/w topology and the parameters administered on the related forms for the CM.

I shall request you to have a Maestro ticket raised and we would ahve it looked into in detail. Utilization of resources and the algorithm they follow are something which are a more of design constraint and we may need to collaborate with the Product House for the same.

We shall be able to get into all those details with a Maestro case... Kindly raise one.


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