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etstalker 10-20-2012 11:00 AM

S8300, G430, G450, Deskphone 1616, 1603, 1608 and 9621
Dear Avaya Forum,

I'm new here and need advice from my PBX system that I applied to my office. I come to this forum because i would like to learn more about my PBX because its my responsibility and my vendor have not been able to provide input that can provide the solution of existing problems and diverse.

I implement in my office PABX using Control Manager (IP-Based exactly).

Board type: ICC MM; Code: S8300

I'm using the G430 and G450 media gateway and some analog modules MM711, MM710 and MM716.

For users we divided to 3 levels, staff, staff and VIP advance.
For staff, we give them deskphone 1603, we have 88 units of it.
For advanced staff, we give them deskphone 1608, we have 48 units of it.
For VIP, we give them deskphone 9621, we have 3 units of it.

Actually, from our network topology and the distribution segment, we use 192.168.7.xxx/21 for PABX / IP networks Phones.

From the port of the network on the faceplate, i enter to the phone first and from the splitter of the deskphone we connected to the PC of the user so we could use one port for deskphone and PC simultaneously. (Deskphone need PoE to alive).

Network ID for our PC is different networks ID from the Deskphone/PBX systems. We use 192.168.0.xxx/24, we also have network ID 192.168.3.xxx/24. But from the router so we configured the Network ID 192.168.0.xxx to 192.168.7.xxx can communicate.

Now the problem,

1. My users complain to me every days, sometimes, the deskphone not get the tones when they lift the handset.
2. Sometimes the deskphone issued tone but all the buttons can not respond when pressed.
3. Sometimes, some ektension can not hear the call from another extension. This can sometimes make a fuss in the office because it makes them a miscommunication.
4. In the middle of a conversation, interrupted communications.

Temporary solution,

I always type this command to give solution to my users,
busy sta xxxx
release sta xxx

so the deskphone will restart but its everydays happen, and the user getting sick with this new system (IP based technology of the PABX).

It is not possible for us to return to analog which is using our old PABX AVAYA the Prologic.

Anyone can give advices for this problem.

Greatly appreciated and appreciation if anyone wants to take the time to support me handle this. I hope Avaya Expert technical support is also reading this and can give us a solution.

Thanks a lot

Best Regards


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