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scottrutledge 10-18-2011 07:31 AM

What happened to the support search?
Unless this affeccts only me, the support serach is different now, and the quality and the accuracy are far below what it used to be.
is this just a transition or permenant?

pfreeb 10-18-2011 01:22 PM

Not just you. The search results seem to only be manuals - there are no results from the solution database.

mshete 12-01-2011 07:08 AM

What happened to the support search?
Avaya recently moved over to the Google Search Appliance, replacing the previous InSite search. While this provides a more robust search experience, past users may notice some changes in the results as a broader spectrum of the Avaya Support site is returned in results. The Avaya Support team is continually tuning the search engine to provide optimal results for all users.

If you have specific concerns, please select the feedback button on the bottom right of the search page and submit the details of the search query and results you received.

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