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wthrea 02-10-2017 06:03 AM

CTI Transfer passes CLI of station
Hope someone can help point me in the right direction..

We have OpenCTI in place and caller ID is passed through to cti no issues when the call is straight forward inbound to agent. CLI shows on One-X Agent and in CTI.

However, when the call has been transferred to an Agent2, from an Agent1, the CLI cent to CTI is the station of Agent1. But Agent2 still seeing the correct callers CLI in their One-X.

Thanks for any pointers!

tcanla 03-29-2017 09:57 AM

Hey there,

Have you ever found the solution to this issue? If in case you'd like to try a different CTI solution, check out Tenfold.It provides integration with Avaya and also has plenty of features to offer. We've been using it for a year now, and everything is going well. Visit their website at www.tenfold.com/integrations.

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