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moore266 11-09-2014 09:26 PM

M2250 console replacement
Hello everyone, I'm new to the support forums so please bear with me. First off, I am just a Telecommunicator in the comm room at my local hospital and I'm simply trying to help my boss with something. We have been using Nortel M2250 attendant consoles for a long time and last year we switched over to Intuition's Switchboard computer based communications system. We have kept the 2250's hooked up as backup for whenever the computer systems go down. We have just lost one of these consoles and replacements are very expensive and somewhat hard to come by. We hate to have to spend a ton of money just to buy a back up console.Does anyone know of a newer console that will take the place of the 2250? Thanks.

marzahn 11-10-2014 04:31 AM

Try Travis Hancuff at Relus Technologies. They often have refurbed equipment. He's a great guy and may have a reference if they do not carry them.

(770) 299-9083

Tell him Bill from Neighborhood said hi.

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