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skatzi 07-17-2014 03:21 PM

SIP Trunk - outbound problems
Dear Forum!

I have a problem with a SIP-Trunk on outbound side. The registration (which is mandatory) is sucessful, but when i start a call, there comes a packet "407 - Proxy Authentication required" after the INVITE ans TRYING packet.

My ITSP tells me that my IPO obviously doesn't send the authentication back (Ack + 2nd invite), but I have no plan, where I can this configure. I already tried several configurations for hours without success.

Does anyone have some ideas?

Sip-Protocol is here:


SIP Rx: UDP 193.xx.xx.xx:5060 -> 192.1xx.1xx.2xx:5084
                    SIP/2.0 407 Proxy Authentication Required
                    Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK3037691a0ffced849461c343b7fa418c;rport=5084
                    From: "07xxxxxxxxx" <sip:07xxxxxxxxxxx@voip01.pr-xxxxxxxxxxxx-xx>;tag=695ed78eeb281dac
                    To: <sip:066XXXXXXXX@voip01.pxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx>;tag=l4iPH*rqgiuxhEs
                    Call-ID: ab815a605bd7fc6e6554f69f738dddf2
                    CSeq: 1236244530 INVITE
                    Max-Forwards: 69
                    Supported: timer
                    Record-Route: <sip:193.XX.XX.XX;lr;ftag=695ed78eeb281dac;x-nt-gid=PG04>
                    User-Agent: IP Office build 941~91.xx.xx.xx~91.xx.xxx.xx
                    Authorization: Digest username="077xxxxx1",realm="voip01.pr-xxxxxxxxx.xx",nonce="dd7213b097a58b96ca4bb5686bb14fe2",uri="sip:06xxxxxx@voip01.pr-xxxxxxxxxx.xx",response="45e9dc6b039f4ca7c4a110bc03ee9016",algorithm=MD5,cnonce="2a345986fa506b759d
                    P-Charging-Vector: icid-value=ab815a605bd7fc6e6554f69f738dddf2;icid-generated-at=c5sbcp04
                    X-NAT-IP: 91.1XXX.XXX.XX
                    X-NAT-PORT: 5084

Many thanks!

BR Stefan

zakabog 08-12-2014 12:32 PM

In your SIP URI for the line, do you have the credentials selected under the "Registration:" drop down menu?

eduar8 09-02-2020 06:01 AM

I am facing the same problem, does anyone have a tip or solution?

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