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akparmale 02-05-2017 08:11 PM

IPOCC Current Work and Break Time
Hello Team,

Please help me with the query shard below. Quick response will be of great help!

One of our BP had a query on the following “Current Work and Break Time displayed in the UI. I want to know how it works, when the system reset”

We did investigation from our end and shared details on Shift Plan Overview as follows:
“IPOCC has the mechanism of resetting the online real time information to zero at the start of each shift.
You can include any number of shifts in the shift plan. You can set the same shift for all weekdays, or you can set the respective shifts for each weekday. If you want to configure shifts for each weekday, you must not set the All days identical option. You can add shifts, delete specific shifts, or delete all shifts. You can only set the start time of a shift. At each start time, the system resets the respective real time information.”
But then again he responded saying that :
“Yes I read this information in the documentation but I want to know if this way to work is applicable for all the real time information or only for these one
Topic real time information: Number of conversations in each shift.
Topic real time information: Total number of all calls transferred to external destinations in each shift.
Agent real time information: Number of agent conversations in each shift.”
Could anyone please help with this on priority.



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