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aroman 07-12-2011 03:54 AM

CMM R5.2 mailboxes and merge
Partner asks about merging two S8300/G450 CM 5.2.1 SE (SID 155567, 155776). Merging system 155776 has 45 mailboxes (MC 259390 CMM R5.2 W/ CM R5.2 SE LIC NEW). How to merge/move these mailboxes into target (S8300/G450 CM 5.2.1 SE SID 155567) system?

nehasingh 08-03-2011 07:38 PM

Merging mailboxes of two CMM 5.2 systems is not among defined procedures. Thus, there are no given instructions. However, here is something that you can give a try on LAB systems -- Use ASA (Avaya Site Administrator) to export mailboxes from 1st CMM system to preferable format. Try to import them to to 2nd CMM system. If this works on LAB system with same release/patch level/SP, only then you may want to try on customer system. But if this does not work, then "merging" is not possible.

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