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avedi2 05-07-2018 05:40 AM

Avaya j129 + cucm 11.5
Hello all.
The AVAYA j129 phone registers with CUCM 11.5 normally.
Outgoing calls are working. But the incoming no work.
Tell me, what's the problem with this phone?

avedi2 05-11-2018 05:14 AM

Avaya support, Where are you?

gwebster 05-11-2018 12:07 PM

Do you have any documents from Avaya saying that the J129 is supported on CUCM? If no, then do not expect any help.

avedi2 06-22-2018 04:07 AM

It is positioned as:
"Desk Phone J129 Open SIP Inexpensive SIP-phone with wide functionality to work with a variety of call management platforms. This phone supports the most important functions that are necessary for an enterprise of any size."
Therefore, it is not possible to describe all the platforms naturally. But the basic can be the same ..

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