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thoma417 07-27-2015 03:26 AM

Remote IP Office User with no Desk phone
Hi all,

I wonder if someone can confirm something for me.

We have a number of users working remotely and using AVAYA Communicator on their PCs to log in to the phone system. As they are working remotely, they do not have a physical desk phone.

When our system was originally configured (before I got involved) in IP Office Manager, remote workers were set up using the "Users" menu, but not added to the "Extensions" menu, as they did not have physical phones to dial in to.

Everything was working fine until they tried to change their passwords, and weren't able to log in.

By then creating an extension for the remote user, they were able to log in. This has left me a bit confused as to how it's been working so far and only when passwords were changed was a problem introduced.

Could someone confirm this? An "Extension" value is needed for every "User" value?


oiduran 07-27-2015 03:59 PM

he user from the password manager has two pass. one on the tab of User and other, in the tab of telephony> Supervisor Settings.

Check ir, which password you are changing. Softphone used for the tab of the user, for physical phone or softphone third uses of telephony> Supervisor Settings.

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