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farrud 06-15-2016 09:26 AM

Third Party Certificate Problem - ASBCE 6.3

We're having a problem to install a third-party certificate in ASBCE 6.3. The platform accept and install the CERTIFICATE (and the CA) but when we change (choose) for this new one, box (SBC) stop to answer (public and private IPs). Only the Manager interface stay working.

We collected the trace in the FWs (SBC is in DMZ) and we saw no answers of all IPs configured to SBC (public and private). No DOWN messages on SBC about the CERTIFICATE or network interfaces.

If we roll back the certificate for AvayaSBC everything returns to normal.

Is there any exception not registered (or I didn´t find) to install third-party certificates in SBCs Avaya?

Infos: Avaya SBCE 6.3 onebox (EMS+SBC) installed on VMWare.

pantonsteve 11-18-2016 01:36 PM

Did you ever get this working?

farrud 11-21-2016 05:03 AM


No. For this reason we stopped our tests with the Avaya SBC.

Could you help me?

Fábio Arruda

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