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rasifshabbir 06-27-2020 01:02 PM

Conference Call on J129 / J139/J159/J179
Hi Team,

Can any one advise and confirm that in a call how may participiant in can add in the conference call in IPoffice Rel 11 and Aura 8.

As you know in Avaya Aura has a functionality of 6 party adhoc conference call. so this mean i can add 5 people in the conference call.

So the same way can any one tell how can people i can add in the call of above JXX series phones.

What i have heard is that JXX series phones support 3-party conference feature by using soft button only which is inbuilt feature within the phone - is this information correct.

If i want to make 6 party conf call in that case i have to program the feature on the phone itself to make 6 party conference call... is this information correct.

Can any one highlight the above case and if that is the case why 2 different ways of conferencing are happening... is this not looking weired...

markgallagher 06-28-2020 11:40 PM

For IP Office systems, the answer varies as the conferencing is performed by the system rather than the phone.

Conferences can be up to 64 parties or larger (depends on the type of server running the IP Office software). Note that may be reduced by the number of conferences already in progress at any time,

For the phones in the J100 Series, first, separate the J129 from the others phones as it works differently.

For the J129, if using the phones menus for conferencing it can only host its own local 3 party conference on the phone. If using the IP Office system shortcodes, it can be in much larger conferences (though its a really pain to do).

For the others, J139/J159/J179, they can easily create conferences up to the system limit through the phone menus and display details of who is in the conference, etc.

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