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asiddi 04-08-2012 06:58 AM

One-X Mobile 5.2 SP 6 on HP DL380G7 server
Hi All,

I am installing One-X Mobile on HP DL380G7 server, I have
> Disabled all the NIC cards except eth0,
> Disabled DEP,
> Installed ASP.net and IIS as per documentation.
> Installed One-X Mobile 5.2, during installation of SIP A/S i get an error for stopping Service Host and then an error for starting Service Host service.
> After installation completes, I installed the license.
> I synchronized the application
> Created SIP trunk on my CM (CM6.0.1 running latest SP) but the SIP trunk goes down after 1 minute and signalling group status is far-end bypass
> I configured provisioning profile and corporate directory profile.
> while configuring CM profile, I get an error "Connection Refused: Connect" and profile is saved.

I am unable to understand why this connection between CM and 1X Mobile is not establishing...appreicate any help..


asiddi 04-09-2012 01:35 PM

any help? i m sure there are people who have installed this successfully, appreciate if someone can share the experience

arobert1 02-15-2013 10:24 PM

My One-X was up and running just fine, until tonight when I patched my ACM 6.0.1 to Service pack 9. Now I have the same problem. The signal group reports "far-end bypass" when I status it. The trunks are OOS/FE-Idle.

I busy/released the trunk group in the ACM and restarted the One-X Mobile server.

Did you ever get a resolution to your issue? If so I would like to know what you did.

arobert1 02-16-2013 04:14 AM

I have found the resolution to my problem, Looks like the Ubiquity Services License expired. This was discussed in PSN00391u.

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