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iabdulaal 03-02-2013 02:24 AM

G450 Power consumption
I have to calculate the power consumption of G450

mskinner 03-04-2013 06:46 AM

A G450 gateway will draw a maximum of 133W fully loaded.

thoma200 12-31-2013 07:24 AM

G450 Power Specifications
I need to get data on the following for the G450 with Dual Redundant Power Supplies (400W each):

1. Max Input VA (or Watts & Power Factor)
2. Max Output VA (or Watts & Power Factor)
3. Max BTU's Dissipated
4. The application will be 208 VAC (Nominal)

The power supplies are rated for 400 Watts, but this is typically what the output of the power supply is. I need to know the maximum input power that will be required for the power supplies in the configuration identified above. Additionally, it would be very helpful to get a reference for an Avaya document that contains this information so it can be included in our files.

We have purchased around $1MM dollars worth of equipment for our site wide phone switch upgrade (from Nortel SL-100), but the IT folks don't have the technical information for the electrical installation. The information you supply will help to provide this.

I can be called at 361-972-8639 if necessary. Thanks in advance for your assistance in this matter.

aa1 01-07-2014 06:54 AM

Does this info help?
Overview for the Avaya G450 Branch Gateway
************************************************** ***

Voltage: 90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz
Power rating: 1780 BTU/h (522 W)
Max current: 7 A

Power cord specifications
For North America

The cord set must be UL Listed/CSA Certified, 16 AWG, 3-conductor (3rd wire ground), type SJT. One end is to be terminated to an IEC 60320, sheet C13 type connector rated 10A, 250V. The other end is to be terminated to either a NEMA 5-15P attachment plug for nominal 125V applications or a NEMA 6-15P attachment plug for nominal 250V applications.

For outside North America

The cord must be VDE Certified or Harmonized (HAR), rated 250V, 3-conductor (3rd wire ground), 1.0 mm2 minimum conductor size. The cord is to be terminated at one end to a VDE Certified/CE Marked IEC 60320, sheet C13 type connector rated 10A, 250V and the other end to a 3-conductor grounding type attachment plug rated at a minimum of 10A, 250V and a configuration specific for the region/country in which it will be used. The attachment plug must bear the safety agency certifications mark(s) for the region/country of installation.


pushio 04-22-2020 11:00 PM

Hello. Found this old topic. I have the same task. There will be four G450 fully equiped with MM716 modules. I also saw in documentation for G450 Power rating - 522 W Max Current - 7A. I need to calculate the amount and characteristics of batteries. They must supply one hour working for these gateways. As far as I understood, power rating of 522 W is the power that can be delivered by the source to it`s output (to gateway modules). How to calculate the maximum power that PSU can consume from AC or from batteries.

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