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lgarciayepes 05-23-2014 02:11 PM

Exploring call recording options

We are trying to find a solution for a customer in need of call recording. They are running ACM 5.1. They have a central pair of S8700 and G650s at the main datacenter where all PSTN trunks go. They have S8300 as LSPs and G450s at remote locations. This is the catch: they have only digital sets.

For reasons long to explain here we can't use DMCC, neither can we tap the digital lines. So, we were looking into tapping the network between the datacenter and the remote gateways.

We know is very unorthodox but we are trying to get rabbits out of our hats here. The thing is: we are able to actually listen to the audio from the network tap but we have not found any signaling whatsoever where we could correlate the extension number or port slot with the RTP packets.

So, the question is: is there anyway to actually accomplish what we are trying to do? Any suggestion is highly welcome.

Thank you

ilalpatidar 05-25-2014 09:53 AM

As far as my understanding goes you can either record digital lines (which of-course you mentioned not an option) or do a trunk side recording to achieve call recording for the calls which are flowing out/in of the system at main location.
Networking level tapping/sniffing does not provide extension level information.

lgarciayepes 05-26-2014 08:58 AM

Thank you for the reply. We also checked the trunking option, that may work on our case but we are leaving it as last resource. We would like to avoid hardware solutions if at all possible.

Thank again!

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