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chowd5 09-04-2014 07:17 AM

Avaya C363T switch - Copy configuration
Hi All,

I'm new to Avaya devices. I'm given a task to copy the configuration from one of our existing Avaya C363T switch to a newly purchased Avaya C363T switch. I have no idea what/which would be the best way or if any tools can be used to do it. Can someone please give me some guidance on how to do it smoothly? Please help.


bkrishnaswam 12-18-2014 12:56 AM


First you need to set-up a tftp server and make sure the any of the switch vlan IP and the TFTP server IP are on same IP networks, tftp server IP must be reachable from the switch.

There are many free tftp severs you can download from theInternet.

Once you are set, use the following commands to save the config from old switch to tftp server and restore the same from tftp server to new switch.

if this is a single switch not connected as a stack. Command below.
copy module-config tftp <filename> <ip> <mod_num>
Ex: copy module-config tftp c:\tftp\Cajunc363tconfig.cfg 1 (ip address of tftp server)
c:\tftp is the drive location for the files stored on the tftp server. CajunC363tconfig.cfg is the filename.

If this is a stack, command below.
copy stack-config tftp <filename> <ip>
If you want to restore the configuration from tftp to Cajun switch, commands below

for single unit copy tftp module-config <filename> <ip>
for stack copy tftp stack-config <filename> <ip>

Hope that helps.


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