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viettq 06-23-2015 04:49 AM

Record a voice file on Orchestration Designer or Dialog Designer
Dear Avaya,
I tried to record an customer voice by using OD/DD application. I tried it on OD/DD successfully. But when I deploy it on tomcat appserver. It cannot save recorded file. On the trace log, I can see the recorded file was created with size and file path.

Appserver: tomcat 6.0.29, redhat linux 6.0.
On this server, I run many other applications and it worked but It could not work for recording by OD/DD.
Is there any specific configuration on EP, Web or Linux for working this function?

Many thanks,

viettq 06-29-2015 02:01 AM

PleÁse help.

norto7 07-17-2015 07:53 AM

This seems strange and my answer is assuming that you verified that the recording are in the right 8Mhz format.

With that I would verify that the permissions on your tomcat server is configured correctly. The issue is that when the war file is decompressed and the files are placed in the server that your folder permissions are not correct.

Also look at the permissions on the webapps/audio/"Language" folders so for English it would be webapps/audio/English
You also need to make sure that all the subfolders have the same permissions.

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