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vsousa 02-02-2012 06:48 AM

CMS alarming on Virtual SAL Gateway
Can an Avaya CMS system be configured to alarm to a Virtual SAL Gateway running on System Platform?

aa1 02-15-2012 12:54 AM

CMS alarming on Virtual SAL Gateway
Secure Access Link Supported Products - January 24, 2012

Call Management System
- "Network Interface Unit" model need to be registered with SAL Gateway also. Port 5108 for CMS needs to be open in both directions between the NIU and the product. In addition, SNMP port 162 will need to be open from the NIU to the SAL gateway. The NIU will also need to be added as a Managed Element in the SAL Gateway in order for alarm handling to work correctly

some addtional links

Installing and Configuring Avaya Aura™ System Platform - Release 6.0 June 2010
Chapter 5: Administering SAL on System Platform (Page 39)

Secure Access Link 2.1 SAL Gateway Implementation Guide
Doc ID: 146775 February 2012 Issue Number: 2

Hope these help

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