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dkrajc 05-01-2015 10:00 AM

Default extension on model 1408 phones

I have several phones that when I make changes to my IP Office and it restarts the phones automatically log in as the wrong user. I have to go around and log the current user off and then log in with the correct one. This only happens on about six of my phones. I believe that this is an issue with the default extension assigned to the port. A couple of questions:

How do I figure out which phone is connected to which port on my Avaya Digital station/Control unit and how do I change the default extension that is assigned to a port?

If you need any more information, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.


thiel2 05-02-2015 11:33 AM

Use the System Status Application, and view the extensions. The left column lists the default extension numbers, the next column lists the currently logged in extension. Note what needs to be changed.

In Manager, go to extensions, sort by extension number. Find the extension numbers that need to be changed, change them over to the correct ones, merge, and you're done.

dkrajc 05-02-2015 02:32 PM

Default extensions

Thanks for the help.

I will give that a try. I keep thinking the phones had the extension but now I know it is the Avaya port that controls the default extension.


dkrajc 05-09-2015 06:31 AM

Thanks for the information. I made the changes this week to the system and everything is working correctly.

Thanks again.


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