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jtarjanyi 05-14-2020 02:08 AM

ACCS server change from workgroup to AD
I have an installed and configured ACCS currently working in workgroup. The customer want to use SSO with domain users, so want to add ACCS into the domain.

Is this process described somewhere? I did not find it.

I have done a test with my test environment and added ACCS server into the domain. In CCMA the user's windows detail are changed


Unfortunately the agent cannot login


The CCMA users (supervisors and administrators have problems also)

I guess couple of steps are missing to get a properly configured ACCS in a domain.
Anybody can help me?

jtarjanyi 05-14-2020 03:34 AM

Before the ACCS server moved to AD there were security changes as well from http to https, so uninstall AgentDesktop and install it again from https link resolved the client issue. It seem the SSO is work properly for agents, but still have problem to login into the CCMA.

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