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nfanto 05-24-2017 10:24 AM

How to change the called Adress - IPOCC

My customer need to identify the External Number using for contact her.
For the call flow and routing ICR, that is OK, that works good.

But we need this information in the agent call (in the physical or softphone call), because the customer's agenda use the TAPI driver to collect the Caller ID (That ok) and the Called ID for open the good agenda.

IPOCC + IPO 500v2 in 9.1.8


johns1224 06-10-2017 03:35 AM

Hi there, nfanto. Did you ever find a resolution to this issue?

kruegerb 06-12-2017 02:37 AM

Normally at desk phone the caller ID and the topic name is displayed. If caller ID configured in IPOCC as customer, the caller name and topic name is displayed.
On softphone when caller reached agent directly only the caller ID is shown, in case distributed via waiting queue, caller ID and topic name is displayed.

When I understand the requirement correctly, the topic number should be shown instead of topic name. This is a new requirement. Not to solve by configuration in actual Release. From technical point of view it is possible in future, it would be a minor change in the IPOTaskserver software and it must be configurable in the system, because most customers want to see the topic name.
Create a Grip to make the requirement official.

nfanto 06-20-2017 06:20 AM


Thank you for your answer.

You're right i have the topic name on the UI agent, but that is on Avaya software.
I use the TAPI for a third party application.

In fact, i need to put an information in the TAPI (the TAPI application is install on all agent cumputer). This information is a unique info for each topic.

You have any info about the field i can use?

johns1224, No i have not found a solution, if i found something i update the case.

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