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t33nya 05-23-2019 12:24 PM

Agent Issue
I have CM 8 with Elite Agent. I have one agent that when she logs in with her agent ID into her telephone instead of a three beep confirmation tone it gives her a different tone. Sounds like a techno tone with 5 beeps. Her log out tone is the normal three beeps. This issue seems to cause her to not get as many calls from the queue as her other team mates which is causing some issues.

I have changed her phone three times, I have changed her IP, I have changed her agent login extension and her physical extension. I have re-programmed everything for her agent login, vectors, vdns, coverage paths from scratch no dupping. I have looked at the events log after she logs in and it says it is a double agent login. No one uses her phone except her. I have monitored her hunt groups, statused her station and login id. Listed the agent logins to see if someone else was using her number by mistake. I can find no other person logged into her phone. Has anyone ever had this happen? And if so what was the cause. Any ideas or suggestions are welcomed!!:eek::confused::(

hurdk 05-23-2019 12:33 PM

have you run a trace on the phone to see what is happening when it logs in?

have you looked at the logs?

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