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kgiam 08-18-2013 06:42 PM

Show the number or name

I configured a short code wherein if you dial a particular three-digit number, it will dial out a particular assigned number.

For instance,

Short Code:

Code: 528
Feature: Dial
Telephone number: 91234567

When I key in 528 it will show on the phone display

Line 1: 528

Is it possible to show rather than the code number, but the actual telephone number instead? Like

Line 1: 91234567

or perhaps, a name

Line 1: Customer 1

Anyone came across with this?


pdgavin 08-20-2013 03:08 PM

Show the number or name
Did you send this directly to the line? You could have it call your default dial short code, for the USA it would be 9N/N/Dial for the rest of the world it would be ?.

It may show the number if it does that.

Pete G

furrerm 08-21-2013 05:49 PM

What Pete said. If you change teh line Group to that of an ARS table, it should at least show the number. I dont think there is a way to show the name .

pdgavin 08-27-2013 01:37 PM

Show me the number or name

You should know by now that the IP Office can do anything!

If you setup Directory Entries with a Name and Telephone number and in the Directory entry setup you give them a 3 digit Index number you can then create a short code with the feature Speed Dial and the telephone number for the short code would be the 3 digit index number, for example I have a Directory entry Mr Jones and the telephone number is 7205551234 and the index number is 002. I can create a short code 555 with the feature Speed Dial and the telephone number of 002 and when I dial the short code 555 from my phone it will immediately change to display both the name Mr Jones and the telephone number 7205551234 on the display of my 9508.

Pete G.

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