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guidestone 04-15-2013 01:05 PM

AACC 6.3 - Real Time Reports stop feeding live data after 10 minutes
There is a data flow issue creeping across the users of CCMS Real Time reports here. As an example: Launching a Public Tabular Display for the skillsets used by our primary Contact Center (using a Skillset View). This is a report the supervisors leave open all day.

The report will feed data perfectly for about 10 minutes, then everything changes to asterisks (*) and italicized zeros (0). When this happens we are constantly having to close out the report and re-launch - all day long.

I have had the issue for three weeks now. More users have started seeing this issue as well. It's spreading. Appreciate any knowledge that can be passed along to address this. VERY inconvenient for the Contact Center mgmt.

Any ideas?

gantal 05-13-2013 08:51 AM

try opening the same report on different computers in different networks. for example, try opening it on the ccms/ccma server itself and see if you still have the * and 0 there as well after 10 minutes. i asume you have multicast enabled reporting.
i had such a problem once and it was because ofthe firewall that the multicast packets were going through....

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