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yabum 09-25-2013 02:18 AM

ACR 10 and AES frequent issue
i have ACR 10 and AES 6.2
i daily face an issue with below errors:

09/25/13 07:55:45AM DMCC API not running on x.x.x.x(AES IP),Reason: Heartneat send failed: timed out
09/25/13 07:55:46AM DMCC API running on x.x.x.x
09/25/13 07:55:47AM Recorder fatal error: Main CTI feed
09/25/13 07:55:47AM Link to CTI on x.x.x.x reporting error: Connection reset
09/25/13 07:55:52AM Recorder fatal error resolved: Main CTI feed. OK to record
09/25/13 07:55:52AM CTI Services on x.x.x.x UP

rsriramoju 10-07-2013 10:06 PM

Hi it looks like there is connection dropped between ACR and AES.

Please check the network duplex setting for ACR, AES and network connection.

thanks could be some duplex mis-match or the network issue.


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