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shin28 10-12-2018 08:21 AM

What version of IP office should I buy?
Hello, I'm planning to build small IP-PBX system in my home.
The reason is for develop avaya TAPI application.
(Basic call operation using tapi3. makecall, answer, hangup, tansfer... etc)
I already developed JTAPI, TAPI3 application with Cisco IP-PBX(Cisco CUCM on VMware).
But, Avaya JTAPI requires Application Enablement Service and needs extra server.
This is why I planning to develop Avaya TAPI application not JTAPI.

1. I need Avaya Call Manager and three IP-Phone for testing.
But, I encounter short of budget.
So I planning to buy old Avaya IP Office 500 through ebay.
Which part number is fulfill my needs?

2. I found ip office 500 unit(empty rack) and unified communication module.
If I buy this two parts, could run avaya call manager? and could linkage TAPI?

3. Any cheaper part with linkage TAPI?

4. or... There is way of Avaya Call Manager and AES install on VMware like Cisco?

I used several years Cisco CUCM. So my thought almost based on Cisco.

Please, Help me.

lebon 10-12-2018 12:02 PM

use IP Office Server Edition
VMWARE install, then put on Demo Mode
but limited extension, users but full functionality

shin28 10-12-2018 07:22 PM

Lebon, Thanks to reply
I can't download Avaya IP office server edition on avaya web site.
Because I'm not partner of avaya.
Is there any possible way to download ip office server edition?

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