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rime 02-13-2013 02:27 AM

SIP domains and responsibility of administration
Hello, assuming a company with an Avaya Aura Core in the United States (ACM, 2 SM, SMGr, MM) and another, independent Avaya Aura Core in Europe (ACM, 2 SM, SMgr, MM). The US core and the EU core are managed by different, unrelated Avaya Business Partners.

Endpoints are exclusively H.323 but each core has SIP trunks to public telephone networks.

Question: assuming there is no direct SIP trunk between the US Core and the Europe core and the Session Managers of US are not setup to communicate with the Session Managers of Europe, can the SIP domain used for the Session Managers be the same in the US and in Europe?

What would be the benefit of interconnecting the Session Managers of the US core with those of the Europe core if no direct SIP trunks were established between them, but all interregion traffic passed through publich telephone network SIP trunks?

Thanks in advance!

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