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stps 01-22-2020 09:07 AM

Experiencing distorted phone calls
Product Details
Server: Avaya S8710, CM 5.2.1
Media Gateway: MG 430, FW Version/HW Vintage: 30 .12 .1 /1
Phones: 9630G, 9640G IP

Problem Clarification
Issue: Voice quality on an established call is garbled or clipped – ~ every third word – on both internal or external calls; appears to be QoS issue

Troubleshooting & Testing Performed:
· Network tech applied QoS on all-PBX-related ports on the Cisco Catalyst Switch & checked the ports’ traffic
· Monitored phones to ascertain amount of jitter – quite a lot at first – lessened when QoS applied & when MEDPROs reset
· Tested all PBX IP-related cards (9) – all cards passed all tests
· Looked for errors & alarms on all 9-cards – none discovered
· Checked, tested 4-primary trunk groups (20, 70, 76, & 80) DS1s to networks – found no alarms, no errors, plus all cards passed all tests
· Reset the 2-MEDPRO cards – had high discard rates - this past Sunday night to preclude disrupting service

mlombardi1 01-22-2020 11:33 AM

Does the problem remain? Make sure the QoS values on the CM network regions assigned to the media resources and IP phones match what's used on the data network. The medpro boards should be connected at 100/F.

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