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jacks314 01-17-2017 07:21 AM

CM - "list measurements route-pattern" Calls Blocked
If I run the command "list measurements route-pattern 102 today" we can see that there are 9662 calls offered and 216 calls blocked.

Regarding the calls blocked, reading the CM reporting guide (albeit very old) it suggests that:

The number of offered outgoing calls that found all trunk groups in
the pattern busy. If the queue overflows, then the call is still
blocked. Specifically, a blocked call is a call that:

■ Arrives when there are no available resources
■ Arrives and gets queued
■ Arrives when the queue is full
■ Arrives and cannot queue because the queue length is set to
■ Cannot queue because the Automatic Callback (ACB) button is
■ Cannot queue because there is no ACB button

If I run a trunk summary report I can see that various trunks within the route list have had hardly any traffic, I fail to see how a call would get blocked because of a trunk availability issue.

Anyone any thoughts, this issue doesn't just relate to today, it is like it each day?

aa1 01-18-2017 01:57 PM

CM - "list measurements route-pattern" Calls Blocked
A user attempting to originate calls over the routing pattern might be blocked because the number assigned to the user FRL is lower than the number assigned to the trunk group. Ensure that the user number is the same as the FRL number or lower than the FRL number. A user cannot gain access to trunk groups with numbers tha are higher than the user FRL.

jacks314 01-19-2017 07:15 AM

Thanks aa1, I guess that explains the blocked calls, the route pattern has an FRL of 3 but the majority of stations have an FRL of 0 in their COR. The Avaya documentation sent me down the wrong road and I was thinking this was more of a trunk availability issue.

Thanks for responding.

aa1 01-23-2017 06:59 AM

CM - "list measurements route-pattern" Calls Blocked
You're welcome.
I am glad it helped.
You can find the details on the Avaya documentation. The latest versions can be downloaded from support.avaya.com.

- visit support.avaya.com
- click on "support by products" menu on top
- choose "Documents" from the list
- type in "Avaya Aura Communication Manager" in "enter your product here"
- choose release 7.0.x from the drop down list
- check the "document library"
- click on "enter" button
- from the list, you can download the latest documentation and save it on your computer for reference

I hope this helps.


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