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herro7 09-22-2018 04:07 PM

Avaya agent being put into AUX work when UUI present
Good afternoon, we have a setup with a Genesys IVR that collects some data; writes it to a DB and then REFERs the call back to an Avaya VDN sending a unique call ID hex encoded in the User-to-User field.

Avaya then routes these calls to agent and the UUI information is passed to a Siebel application via the CT for Siebel driver so a screen pop can be displayed.

Recently we upgraded our Genesys platform and since the upgrade whenever we transfer calls containing the HEX encoded UUI data the agent that the call is delivered to is immediately placed in AUX work, and the call is not answered. If I disable the sending of UUI data or hard code the User-to_User field to some random digit string "1234567890" the call is delivered as expected. Avaya has run traces and they see the UUI data is coming back with the call, but have been unable to figure out why the calls are going into AUX.

Our Avaya platform is on a managed service plan so we cannot see any of the configuration on that side, but I'm wondering if anyone has run into an issue like this and could provide some tips on what we could ask our Avaya or Genesys engineers to look at.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

herro7 10-11-2018 09:34 AM

I just wanted to provide an update in case someone else has this issue. Avaya has researched and they feel the issue is related to the Genesys Refer-To signaling changing from User-to-User to lowercase user-to-user.

We have a support ticket with Genesys now to see if they can re-format the Refer-to to make it capitalized again.

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