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siuc 03-14-2019 07:27 AM

How to re-install Message Storage serve from base disc

I have a Modular Message running with version R5.2, unfortunately,it was breakdown due to the MSS ( Message Storage Server ) hard disk get corrupted,I try to re-install from the base disc after replacing spare hard disk.

There are two base disc for MSS,first disc is MSS OS,second disc is MSS operation,the first disc is Red Hat Linux ES,just insert to the server DVD Rom and type corrected server hardware eg HPG7D3 stand for it is a HP server G7 model with 3 hard disc.

The problem is I fail to install the second disc MSS operation,although there is a autoinstall file exist in the MSS operation disc,it is fail to extract using by command "sh autoinstall.bin" or " ./autoinstall.sh " etc.

Would anybody come across the same problem as I ? or any idea what linux command could extract file of autoinstall ??


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