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hill23 11-28-2011 09:24 AM

AACC 6.2 CCMS Port usage
Hi All,

Anyone able to cast light this issue encountered when installing a AACC 6.2 (SP4 + patch 10 & 11) CCMS only. (CCMA on seperate server & no CCT server)

All went well untill customer tried to install McAfee Anti-Virus, then stated he was getting a port conflict for 8081 (told us he could not change the port in McAfee).

Only reference to this port in any documentation is for the CCT Web Administration, as already stated CCT was not part of the solution. Netstat did reveal the CCMS server listening on Port 8081. We did identify Apache Tomcat folders on the CCMS server, (as found on a CCT server), so used the solution to modify Port 8081 usage on the CCT server. This appeared to work in that it let the customer install McAfee using that port.

Anyone else come across this, we suspect it maybe to do with webLM??


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