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cwculwell 02-08-2012 06:48 PM

G450 DSP Maximum Confusion
I have always used the maximum DSP channels in a G450 Media Gateway is 320 (4 daughterboards X 80 channels). Upon closer inspection, the documentation is littered with references providing a maximum of 240 voip channels. The design tools allows input of 320. What is the correct number? Is there some other distinction between the 240 and 320 (besides the obvious 240 is less than 320)?

aa1 02-09-2012 02:16 AM

G450 DSP Maximum Confusion
Hi cwculwell,

The G450 prior to release 5.2.1 supports up to 240 channels. in G450, a single DSP childboard supports either 20 or 80 VoIP channels. The G450 supports up to four VoIP DSP childboards. Two types of childboard are supported, one providing 80 active VoIP channels and the other providing 20 active VoIP channels. The maximum number of active channels supported is 320.

Some additional details:

Branch Gateway specification
6.1 03-602058 Issue 4 November 2010
Page 12
The G450 is a scalable device with a basic configuration consisting of one power supply unit (PSU) and 256 MB RAM, and a single DSP childboard supporting either 20 or 80 VoIP channels. This configuration can be enhanced by adding a redundant PSU, up to two RAM modules of 1 GB each, and up to three additional DSP childboards, increasing the number of VoIP channels to 320 channels

Avaya Aura™ Communication Manager System Capacities Table
Release 6.0 03-300511 Issue 7 June 2010
Page 79, [end note 124]
Each MP20 provides 25 channels for G.711 or G.726 but only 20 channels for G.729.
Each MP80 provides 80 channels independent of codec. There are four slots for MP
boards. The maximum of 320 active channels requires 4 MP80s

Installation and Upgrades for the Avaya Branch Gateway G450
6.1 03-602055 Issue 8 February 2012
Adding or removing VoIP modules: MP20 and MP80 (Page 95)

Hope this helps

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