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wbaer 10-21-2020 10:14 PM

PARTNER ACS - Decreasing Number of Incoming Lines
The phone system we inherited was configured to use four incoming lines, but we are only going to use two. Do we need to change a setting in the system to tell it there are fewer lines now? Or will it not matter since there is nothing connected to the extra two line ports?

thiel2 10-22-2020 09:56 AM

There are a couple of way to go about it.

There is a program code to specify the number of active lines on the system, BUT, if you change it, it will automatically assign the lines to every phone (good thing), with Immediate Rings (could be a bad thing if some of the phones were set to Delayed Ring or No Ring. You would have to know which extensions were set differently and go back and change them)

There is a program code where per extension, you can assign and un-assign lines. You would punch in the code, specify Ext. 10, specify Line 03, and un-assign it. Then punch in the code again, specify Ext. 10, specify Line 04, and un-assign that one. Then punch in the code, specify Ext. 11, specify Line 01, etc. until you have done all of the extensions and all of the lines you need to remove.

You can just leave it as is, but if Line 1 and 2 are already in use, someone picking up a phone to make an outside call would connect to Line 3, where there is no dial tone, just dead air. Doesn't hurt anything, but might frustrate them.

Program from Ext. 10 or 11
Feature 00
Left Intercom Twice
(you are now in System Programming)

Number of Outside Lines
Dial #104
Dial the number of lines from 01 to 31

Line Assignment (per extension)
Dial #301
Dial the extension number (10 to 57)
Dial the line number (01 to 31)
Press 2 to change to Not Assigned
Repeat for the same extension and the next line, then repeat for the next extension

Feature 00
(Exits System Programming)

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