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navar126 09-21-2020 10:30 AM

IP Office11.0 Downloading and Installing Service Packs
Since we got IP Office last year during the summer we have not performed any patching or installed any Service Pack that supposedly would help us tremendously with the glitches that we are encountering.

When I go to the downloads page I am welcomed with a bunch of downloads to choose from. In our environment we have the IP installed in a Windows Virtual computer with VMWARE with Red Hat running in the backbone to support IP Office (OS:Linux release 6.10 (Final) | Kernel Version: 2.6.32-754.9.1.el6.x86_64) to be exact).

Which download(s) would I need to update our Main, our Secondary, and our 500v2 ?

Also would someone please be kind to tell me the step by step process on how to perform the update and warnings before I do it myself? I don't mind screenshots really.

Thank you all for all you do.

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