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navar126 03-18-2020 11:54 AM

Avaya IP Office - Forward incoming calls from outside lines to a mobile number

I am puzzled at this situation. I have done some research and it seems like they all say the same thing about how to approach this situation. Forward Unconditional.

Our secretary is working from home, ext. 1111, and I have been wanting to Unconditional forward her calls, internal and external, to her mobile, 555-5555. So under her user in IP Office I checked the Unconditional Forward and added her number starting with the number to dial out, 9555-5555, checked forward HG calls and Internal Calls. She is part of a HG that when someone dials the outside line, it rings the Hg and she is the first one to get it.

Here is the problem. When forwarding is ON, under System Status Active Calls, the call is received by the HG but her user isnt showing up when the call comes in. When I uncheck the forwarding option, she shows up.

When I call her extension from my cellphone, the Forward Unconditional works. It doesnt work when calling the outside line, and over to the HG.....it is weird....

IP Office version . :confused:

navar126 03-18-2020 01:56 PM

I ended up using Twinning. That worked...

thiel2 03-18-2020 03:53 PM

Forwarding hunt group calls requires the group be Sequential or Rotary. As you've found out, Twinning works with all group types, and is probably a better option anyway, as if she is on a twinned call the normal call coverage inside of the IPO will still take place

navar126 03-19-2020 07:07 AM

We had ordered Power User licenses for our staff to use the Equinox app in case they work from home.

They have not arrived yet so that worked as a temporary solution.


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