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bear67 10-18-2012 01:03 PM

Coverage Paths Not working for UM
I recently worked with an Avaya Business partner to install SBC to allow us to migrate the office 365 and Unified Messaging. We are migrating away from Modular Messaging. However I cannot get an existing auto attednandt which cover to a vector with an option to ring a station cover back to Vmail. If I imbed the VDN number in the name field I can get the "messaging split" vector command to cover to an extension.

Currently a call comes into the PBX cover to UM attendant with an option to transfer to our box office vector where they can transfer to an individual station. The call routes and rings as it should but never goes to cover. If I trace the call you see it leave the vec but you never see it on a trace to the individual station (even though the call rings and can be picked up). The integration of the SBC is SIP and shows the correct header for the call destination. This is SO Frustrating as our business partner cant figure out why this works in MM but wont work in UM. So far I have been this is dual coevrage path but has worked from day 1 of the MM installation. If this does not get solved find me follow me wont work as it should either. I am open to suggestions!

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