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shaikht 04-07-2014 11:47 PM

Avaya IQ log collector tool
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Avaya IQ log collector:

Collecting all logs from all components for a given time stamp of an issue is always challenging on IQ. Most times there is a miss either on a particular log or a time-stamp. Leading to iterations of log collection, increased resolution time and frustration.

Please use tool to collect the logs and share the details of logs whenver you are opening any SR with Avaya. It will save lot of time while resolving the issue.

Solution offered by IQ Log Collector
–Allows BB, BP or customer to collect all relevant logs at one shot
–Ability to collect logs as per the required time-stamp
–Reduces the time taken to navigate the product (and components) for logs
–Provides a UI for log collection
–Designed to reduce human error while collecting logs

Latest IQ 5.2 SP 5 Patch 1 includes the IQ Log Collector tool (Released on 17th of March 2014)
The patch is available in support site at: https://support.avaya.com/downloads/...eleaseId=5.2.x

Tool can be used on 5.1 version too. Please download the binary and save it under /opt/Avaya/CCR/bin. Script logutility.bin
should have avayaiq as owner and group. Permisisons for the script should be 755.

KB article SOLN244693 is created along-with the HELP documentation on this tool
Externally accessible article and is available at https://kb.avaya.com/kb/index?page=c...&id=SOLN244693

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