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kminin 10-09-2012 06:50 AM

Native Name not working
There avaya S8300-6.2, 16hh phones (firmware 1.3.2) 46hh (firmware 2.9.2). The file is registered 46xxsettings Russian language as the second. Menu on the phone in Russian. The station in MultiLingual Name Wizard in the Native Name wrote Russian names. If you do Export, then the file has a name. The phone "change station" -> "Display Language: unicode". However, when calling within the station, on the phone displays the name of the "change station". Why?

status station 601                                              Page  3 of  7
                          UNICODE DISPLAY INFORMATION
          Native Name Scripts: 0x00000021:Cyrl;Latn
      Display Message Scripts:*0x00000001:Latn
    Display Message 2 Scripts: 0x00000001:Latn
    Display Message 3 Scripts: 0x00000001:Latn
    Display Message 4 Scripts: 0x00000001:Latn
    Station Supported Scripts: 0x0200002f:Latn;Kana;Cyrl;LatB;LatA;Lat1
 change system-parameters country-options                        Page  1 of  1
                                  Set Layer 1 timer T1 to 30 seconds? n
                                            * Display Character Set: Cyrillic
                                        Directory Search Sort Order: Cyrillic
 display station 601                                            Page  1 of  4
 Extension: 601                          Lock Messages? n              BCC: 0
      Type: 1608                          Security Code: *                TN: 1
      Port: S00003                      Coverage Path 1:                COR: 1
      Name: CM-6.2-Test2                Coverage Path 2:                COS: 1
                                        Hunt-to Station:
                                            Time of Day Lock Table:
              Loss Group: 19        Personalized Ringing Pattern: 1
                                                  Message Lamp Ext: 601
            Speakerphone: 2-way              Mute Button Enabled? y
        Display Language: unicode

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