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henry44 12-27-2012 12:33 PM

Slow Network Performance
With vendor support we recently installed an Avaya IP500 V2 phone system. Our users are now experiencing slow PC network performance when using the secondary ehternet interface on the Avaya 9611 phone. Bypassing the phone resolves any/all latency to shared LAN services or Internet browsing and downloads. We have a support case open with Avaya, but I was wondering if anyone has experienced a similar performance issue?

Control Unit: IP500 V2
Current Firmware: 8.0 (46)

Telephone Type: 9611
Firmware Version: 6.2209

Switch: HP Procurve 8212 zl
Firmware Version: K.15.08.0013
Description: Interface ports are auto negotiated at 1000FDx POE enabled.

pdgavin 12-28-2012 05:59 AM

Slow Network Performance
The 9611G are not supported on R8.0. GA release.
This phone is supported by the IP Office Release 8.0 Q1 2012 Service Pack and higher.

There is a more recient release of IP Office available:

8.1 FP1
IP Office: 8.1.63
9611G: Kernel S96x1_UKR_V13r50_V13r50 / Application 9608_11HALBR6_2_2_09U_V452

You can try this and then if you are still having problems make sure you have your VLANs and the rest of your network settings setup correctly and you have the latest firmware updates on your GIG POE Switches.


mquast 01-14-2013 04:50 PM

I was experiencing slowness with my computer connection through a 9611g phone as well. (That's how I found this post). After more research and testing, I was able to resolve my issue. It seems that by default the "PC Ethernet" setting is set to 100Mbps by default. (even though it showed "Ethernet" set to 1000Mbps on the "Miscellaneous" page of network info). I'm not sure why it defaults to 100Mbps for the PC Ethernet, I would think the default would be Auto.

Anyway, I was able to change this easily in what they call the local (craft) procedures menu.

The hard part was finding out that this menu even existed, and how to access it.

I finally found it, and how to access it, in a pdf from Avaya. (It's their Installation and Maintenance Guide for 9611g and similar phones)

the information for accessing local (Craft) procedures starts around page 34.

The short version:
1) To get to the procedure menu: Hit "Mute", "27238", then "#".
(NOTE: This all needed to be done in about 6 seconds or the phone ignores the key presses. Also, "27238" is the default PROCPSWD, so if this has been changed for your system, then you'll have to enter that.)

2) From procedure menu arrow down to "INT" then arrow to "PC Ethernet". The Left and Right arrows allowed me to change the value from 100Mbps to Auto.

3) Save & retest connection speed.

Hope this helps you or someone who runs into the same issue.

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