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How are you determining the criteria for which agent is responsible for a given abandoned call?

I ask because typically it is hard to figure out which agent should be held responsible for a given abandoned call.

For instance, if a call is queued to a skill and just waits in the queue and there are 5 agents logged in, once that call abandons, which of the 5 agents should that abandoned call be counted against.

Another example, if a call goes into queue and there are 5 agents logged in and the call presents to agent one and then is redirected on no answer (RONA) aka returned to queue and then presents to another agent and is returned to queue again and then the call abandons, which agent is pegged with that abandoned call? The first agent? Or the second agent?

If we have a better understanding of how you are viewing these abandoned calls and the agent that should be responsible for it we can try to get you in the direction of a report that might give you what you need.
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