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Default USA based CS1000 PRI send calling party marked as INTERNATIONAL

For a CS1000 NI-2 PRI:

CS1000 calls national number, both the called and calling number TON=NATIONAL

CS1000 calls international number, both the called and calling number TON=INTERNATIONAL

We need when the CS1000 calls an international number the called TON=INTERNATIONAL and the calling TON=NATIONAL

Does anyone know how to this? In North America the Calling Party Number sent to a carrier should always be a 10 digit NATIOANL number or certain carriers may block the call.

I had a note on how to uncouple the calling and called number ‘Type of Number’, but it didn't work.

This was my note, but all it did was prefix a ‘1’ on the calling party number and the TON was still international (NOA is SS7 and TON is PRI equivalent):

For international calls, the calling number NOA (Nature of Address) is incorrectly marked as ‘international’. The NOA is basically a numeric value that represents the type of calling or called number; local, national, international, etc. All calling numbers in North America should have a NOA of ‘national’.
Note: it is okay for the called number NOA to be marked ‘international’.
In the CLID configuration, if the INTL parameter (country code - 1 for North America) has no value, the NOA of the calling number will be default to the NOA of the called number. Set the INTL parameter to 1 using LD15 and the NOA on the calling (CLID = calling number) will always be correct.
This is a
simple setting, done in LD 15:

If you are using CLID and are in North America, do this:

>ld 15
REQ: chg
TYPE: net
CLID yes
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