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Default IP Office 9.1, Communicator 2.1 - Replace a Deskphone with Communicator?

We have many users that only have a laptop and headset for a phone. They use Avaya One-X Portal for any phone controls that Avaya Communicator doesn't offer

Communicator works fairly well for most calls. Inbound, outbound, and internal calls.

However, we use a click-2-dial service called and their click-2-dionly works in two situations:
  • A deskphone user can click a number and their deskphone will immediately ring out to that number.
  • A remote user can use the Telecommuter feature to have Avaya/Tenfold ringback to the Telecommuter # (user's remote phone #), upon answering, Avaya/Tenfold will call out to the clicked phone number. This works very well.

Our Problem- We want all employees to use their laptop, headset, and Avaya Communicator as their primary phone (no more deskphone). However, there is no way for Tenfold to trigger the Avaya Communicator software. It is very odd.
- We've tried:
+ disconnecting the deskphone
+ turning off twinning and telecommuter
+ softphone is turned on for the user's profile
+ The user has a Power User license.

Our Software / Hardware Versions
Avaya IP-Office 9.1.600.153
Avaya Communicator
NBD-IP500 V2

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