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TDM Bus Cables

All port networks, regardless of cabinet style, have a TDM bus running through them. The TDM Bus needs a beginning and end. Bus terminators are that beginning and end. The method to extend the bus from cabinet-to-cabinet, is a ribbon cable. In all configurations for MCC, G600, & G650 port networks, you will find a quantity (2) of 700394497 (RHS) Bus terminators. Since the material code for these cabinets is the same, whether they are the first cabinet or the subsequent, the terminators and cables must be generated separately. Since SCC1 and CMC1 style cabinets have different material codes for the first versus the subsequent, the (2) bus terminators are imbedded in the first cabinets material code, and the bus cable to connect cabinet the subsequent cabinets together, is imbedded in the subsequent cabinets material code.

Bus terminator 700394497 (RHS), 700463508 (Non-GSA)
Bus cable for MCC1 Carriers, B, C and E WP91716 List 6- 406153148 (Discontinued)

The longer bus cable to bridge the distance over the fans, to the D carrier, List 7 406153122 (Discontinued)

The G650/G600 TDM Bus cable is 700397284 (RHS)

Multiple G650.s (a maximum of 5) comprising a single port network must be mounted in the same rack, stacked from the bottom up, starting with the .A. cabinet on the bottom. The cabinets must be mounted flush (adjacent) with each other, due to the TDM/LAN cable which passes between them. This LAN cable is approximately 18 inches long, so G650s within the same port network, can not be mounted in separate stacks.

Since SCC1 comes bundled, if you need the bus cable separate, it is - 405907015

The CMC1 separate cable, previously known as the horizontal bus cable, is (Discontinued)
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